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   Hay Feeders

Farmweld hay feeders include a range of hay rings and hay mangers for a broad range of farm animals. Like our other products we custom make each hay ring and hay manger individually so variations can be made to any of the hay feeder designs, e.g. shorter legs or fewer  bars, etc.

Solid Hay Ring  Horse and Cattle Hay Manger  Alpaca Hay Rack

The following hay feeders are suited to these animal groups:
Cattle/Calf Feeders
  • Hay ring (solid) - round bales or multiple small square bales
  • 3 piece hay ring - round bales or multiple small square bales
  • Large Hay Manger - comfortably holds up to 4 small square bales
  • 8' x 4' square bale cradle
Horse Hay Feeders
  • Hay ring (solid) with or without mesh insert
  • Hay ring - crown (no top ring) with or without mesh insert
  • 3 piece hay ring
  • Large hay manger / hay rack (with 75x50x5mm mesh)
  • 8' x 4' square bale cradle
Sheep Feeders
  • Hay ring with mesh insert
  • Small hay manger with short legs (suitable for a few sheep, eg pets or hobby farms)
Alpaca Feeders
  • Alpaca hay manger (long legs)
  • Hay rings for round bales
  • Hay cradle
Goat Feeders
  • Alpaca hay manger with mesh top
Deer & Kangaroos
  • Alpaca hay manger

Click here to view photos and a description of each hay feeder design (97KB pdf)

"Please contact us and we'll help you work out the best option for your needs."

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