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Click here to read advice and recommendations about what size and type of round yard panels to choose to suit you and your horse.

Horse Products

Horses can be tough on gates and fencing, and with their natural flight response it’s important to remove potential hazards which can result in injury.The Farmweld range of horse yards, stable panels, hay feeders, round yards and other horse products are custom designed and made, keeping safety and your needs and budget in mind.
Horse Gate
The 'Forest Gate' is probably the safest alternative for horse gates.
Refer to the 'Gates' page for more infomation.
Photo courtesy of R. Scott

As every horse owner has their own ideas about how their horse should be contained and the types of yard that they are after, Farmweld horse yards, stable dividers and stable panels, and horse gates are custom made to how you want them.

Talk to us about what you want to use your equipment for and we'll tailor it to your needs and budget. It may take a little longer than buying somthing "off the shelf" to sort out exactly what you need, but the end product is guaranteed to satisfy.

Basic two rail round yard for general riding and lunging.

Download flyerHorse yard and products brochure 588 KB

Portable Round Yard Panels

Roundyards are used for a variety of different purposes:
  • riding,
  • lunging,
  • groundwork,
  • breaking in, etc
There are different panels to suit whatever you need to use them for:

Choose from:Portable Horse Yard Panels
    • 2 bar, 1200mm high - (Pictured above). suitable for well handled horses, arena panels, ground Portable round yard panels for lunging and riding with four bars, 1400mm, lunging, riding. Quick and easy to set up.
    • 3 bar, 1400mm high - suitable for the above purposes but with a bit more height. (Pictured right)
    • 4 bar, 1600mm high - heavy panels with 43mm OD pipe. Suitable for youngsters and breaking in. Feature a skid on the base, secure interlocking base with clamp at top. (Pictured left)
For safety reasons we do not use pins to join our panels. Standard length is 2.25m but can be made to other sizes.

Click here for more photos and information about choosing a roundyard.rd

Float Yards
Two designs:
  • Hinged self-joining panels; 
  • Single panels with concealed pins (as pictured above)
Download pdf 114 KB

Hay RingLarge hay rack for horses

Hay Feeders
  • Solid hay rings
  • Three piece hay ring
    • No machinery needed to lift the hay ring;
    • Anchors to the ground with star droppers, safely concealed between bars.
    • Great for agistees - stores easily, load in a ute, trailer or float.
  • Large hay mangers
    • Wont tip over or be pushed around by your horses
    • Holds 2 small bales side by side
    • Keeps hay of the ground
    • Great for areas where sand colic is a problem.
    • 75x50x5mm mesh basket so hooves can't get trapped.
    • Easy to move, turn it upside down & the top rails act as a skid to drag it around.
    • Hang Polymaster feeders off the ends for hard feeds, mineral block or supplements.
Download pdf 45 KB

Portable stable panel
Stable Panels

SA customers only -
stable panels are not shipped interstate:

Customised stable panels made to fit your new or existing sheds.

Tell us what you want:
  • Mesh or vertical bar tops.
  • Dividers can be solid to top, or with full length or partial screened top (mesh or bars).
  • Hardwood or Formply infill - which can be removed and replaced easily if damaged.
  • Sliding, single or double hinged doors
  • Slam catches or slide bolts
  • Powder coated framework
  • Door length swing-out feeder with hay rack
  • Made to any size to fit your shed.
  • Site visit and installation to local areas.
and we'll get back to you with a price.
Jump Wings
Set includes two wings and four cups.

Download pdf264 KB

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