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Stories about our Garden Arches


"I had my heart set on a sturdy, well built arch for my much loved garden but was not able to find anything in the shops that even came vaguely near my expectations. Then I contacted Tricia at Farmweld. I sent through a photo and description and Tricia promptly came back with confirmation that they could build the arch and a quote. The arch now takes pride of place in the middle of my garden with a passionfruit growing up one side and a Jasmin the other. I can't wait till they smoother the arch with heavenly fruit and perfumed flowers."
Michelle Leigh, Eden Hills, South Australia"

 Garden Products

Custom made ... 
Farmweld will make your
right here in our workshop in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. With every item custom made, we guarantee to build you a strong garden product which will last for many years to come. Unlike the cheap imported arches from the hardware stores, Farmweld garden arches won't break or bend under the weight of your precious climbing rose or climber.

Wrought iron gazebo with wedding party

Romantic Wrought Iron Wedding Gazebo

Garden Arch, Steel Trellis & Wrought Iron Garden Gazebos

Garden Arches & Rose Arbours

Our standard styles with option of either mesh or open crossed side bars are:
Styles of garden arch
large rose arch with round topFarmweld mesh garden archRose Arbour with open cross supports
Left:  'Round" arch, powder coated black with crossed sides
Middle: Galvanised steel 'Classic' garden arch with mesh side panels which are better suited for plants with tendrils
Right:  Powder coated two piece garden arch with open cross supports and fleur de lys detail

Farmweld offers a wide range of garden arches to choose from with options to suit you:

  • 150x100mm Mesh sides suitable for plants with tendrils or fine stems
  • Open cross supports on sides of the garden arbour to train canes of plants such as roses
  • Extended legs for concreting into the ground
  • Any height
  • Any width
  • Solid steel or galvanised pipe frames
  • Wrought iron inserts
  • Solid frame construction or two-piece (reduces the freight costs and easy to transport)
  • Powder coating

Made from pipe, not thin tubing, so will last for years.

Garden arches can be made with mesh side panels to support finer climbers such as peas and passionfruit, giving their tendrils something to curl around.  Roses and climbers are better supported on rose arbors with open cross bars on which canes can be trained.

Arches are customised to suit you, here are some examples of custom designs:

Custom wrought iron rose archcustom made garden arches

Do your garden arches last?

Many gardeners come to Farmweld because they want a garden arch that's going to last and not rust away or fall apart within a few short years. Poorly made cheap imports with a very limited lifespan have flooded the Australian market. There's nothing more heartbreaking than finding your precious plant on the ground, broken, under a collapsed and rusted out garden arch, with the only way of rescuing it being to cut it out.

Farmweld rose arches are made from galvanised steel pipe, not thin walled steel tubing, with a strong wall thickness of at least 2mm. They will not rust away in a few short years, but should still be standing in 20 years.

Wrought iron gazebos

Wrought iron gazebo
Wrought iron gazebo ready for the satin top

Our wrought iron gazebos are made from solid steel and we can tailor it to the size and style you want. Individual panels are pinned together and the top can be strung with wire to support climbers.

Customise your garden arbour or wall trellis as you want it, with

  • more or less scrollwork,
  • ornamental steel flowers and leaves,
  • twisted bars or a
  • simple fleur de lys. 
Dress it up or down, make it a feature or keep it as a simple support for your favourite climbing plants.

Steel Wall trellis & Ornamental Wrought Iron Wall Art

Steel wall trellis archesWrought iron wall trellis
Left: Modular steel arched wall trellis panels        Right: French provincial style wall trellis

Wall trellises and ornamental wall panels can be either functional or ornamental to dress up a bare wall. The arched wall trellis pictured above will eventually be covered with thick green foliage, the main feature along this side wall.  These frames are heavier and better constructed than the cheap hardware store models, and they will outlast them by 20+ years.

Need something for around a tree?

Tree Guard

Protect your trees with a wrought iron tree guard. Available in 500mm for smaller saplings or 600mm for older trees, the tree guard will protect growing trunks from animals, children and balls. The tree guards come in two halves and are joined with a cast steel daffodil.

Tree guard wrought iron 500mm diameter by Farmweld  Tree guard, wrought iron, 600mm diameter by Farmweld
Left: 500mm Wrought Iron Tree Guard       Right:  600mm Wrought Iron Tree Guard

Tree Bench

Enjoy sitting under the shade of your trees with this lovely wrought iron tree bench.  Solidly made, the tree bench comes apart into two halves, making installation a breeze.

Wrought iron tree bench
Tree bench 1.2m diameter with 600mm centre

Large wrought iron tree seat with hand forged legs
Tree seat 2.2m diameter with hand forged legs

Your design or ours ...
Farmweld can make items to your design and/or specifications. Send us your sketch or photo and we'll prepare a computer generated drawing which can be superimposed over a photo of your garden, along with a quote.

What colours are available?
There are a broad range of colours available including the Colourbond colours. If you require a colour chart please phone Interpon Powder Coaters on 1800 630 516 and ask that they send you one.

How do I place an order a garden arch, steel wall trellis or wrought iron gazebo?
If you'd like to place an order please let us know the dimensions for your arbour, trellis, wall ornament or gazebo. We have a few standard sizes but are happy to customise to your specifications. When you contact us we will give you a quote for the arch, trellis or gazebo and any delivery costs. Orders are not confirmed until we have received a deposit. Please refer to the FAQ page for more information.

'Delivery can be arranged to anywhere in Australia, or pick up from our Adelaide Hills workshop.
Contact Farmweld to discuss your custom made design today.'

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