What makes Farmweld different?

Personal service…

We are a small family owned business and we believe in a ‘hands on’ approach. This means that you will:

  • usually get to speak to the person who makes your metalwork.
  • We can build to your budget.
  • It enables us to be flexible, so we can make your product exactly as you’d like or need it to be.
  • Everything is made from ‘scratch’ so we can tailor any aspect of the job to suit, e.g. colour, size, etc.
  • We can keep an [eagle] eye on quality control.


We believe in giving you no less than what we would expect ourselves when buying a product. When we design something for you we won’t tell you something can be done if it can’t. We’re not about to tell porkies just to get your business, and then leave you with sub-standard work. That doesn’t leave anyone happy. We’re about making sure even the smallest item is:

  • well designed,
  • great looking, and
  • won’t break or fall apart within a couple years.
  • We don’t believe in built in redundancy!
  • All this at a fair & reasonable price.
  • It’s not just the techniques that are old fashioned…

    Most importantly we’re striving to bring back old fashioned values. For starters:

    • We are passionate about our work, love what we do and value our customers.
    • Quality products are made the old fashioned way – with love, passion and integrity.
    • Farmweld gates, wrought iron and garden products are made strong, so they’ll last.
    • Properly made, hand forged wrought iron is an investment and will be enjoyed by generations.
    • Farmweld guarantees the workmanship of all their products.
  • blacksmith andrew hood

If you’re looking for honest, quality workmanship and value longevity over cheaply made products then go no further.

Talk to us today..

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