Garden Arches & Rose Arbours

Five things to consider before buying a garden arch, arbour or trellis

  1. What plant are you going to grow over your arch?
  2. How wide will it grow?
  3. How tall will it get?
  4. Does it have tendrils, (e.g. jasmine or clematis) better suited to mesh, or canes (e.g. roses) that need an open trellis frame?
  5. What style is your home or garden?

If you want a low maintenance garden the last thing you want is to plant a large, rambling wisteria on a narrow and shallow arch. You’ll forever be pruning it or will lose the arch completely under it!

Need help choosing an appropriate arch? Click here for some helpful information.

Standard Garden Arch Designs

We offer three standard garden arch designs as pictured below, up to a width of 2m. Depending on whether it’s a rose arch or a support for a climber with tendrils you can choose the best support for your plant:

Optional side insert:

  1. 100x150mm mesh sides – best for plants with tendrils; or
  2. trellis sides – for caning plants like roses.
Garden Arches

Standard garden arch designs, side panel options – trellis & mesh. See images in gallery below


Standard farmweld rose arches are made from galvanised steel pipe, not thin walled steel tubing, with a strong wall thickness of at least 2mm. They will not rust away in a few short years, but should still be standing in 20 years.

Custom wrought iron arches can be made from a mix of pipe, RHS (square pipe) and solid steel, or all solid steel if it’s a wrought iron arch.

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Garden Arch Colour/Finish

Standard arches are sold either unpainted (silver/galv finish) or can be powder coated to your choice of colour. Powder coating adds significantly to the price, so if your plant is going to smother the arch it’s worth thinking about whether it’s worth the additional cost.

If you like the rusty look we may be able to source materials which will rust, e.g. solid steel however it needs to be maintained with Penetrol on an annual basis. This is not an easy feat if it’s covered with foliage. The alternative is to powder coat it a colour called ‘Corten’ which resembles rust, however this colour is dearer than other standard colours.

Custom made

To suit your garden and plants needs perfectly, garden arches are made to:

  • any width,
  • depth,
  • standard height of approximately 2.4m above ground. Extra length is allowed for the legs to be concreted into the ground for stability, so there’s flexibility with the height as well.

Custom garden arches designs

Have you got a particular design in mind? Would you like something more ornamental? We can make it to your design or ours.

custom garden arch

Ornamental wrought iron side & trellis top, powder coated black

Asymmetrical arch

Asymmetrical arch, rose one side, ornamental wrought iron the other

custom wrought iron arbour

Wrought iron front, trellis sides, raw steel


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