Meet the Team

We realise it’s important for you to know who you’re working with and it also makes it a much friendlier way of doing business. Many of Farmweld’s customers are interstate and we never get a chance to meet in person. As such we strongly believe you should have the opportunity to at least put a face to a name and voice!

Andrew and Tricia run Farmweld as a partnership, collaborating on projects, pulling their skills together to give you the best possible solution to your needs. Tricia’s creative vision is balanced by Andrew’s technical skills in fabrication & blacksmithing. So you’re guaranteed to end up with something which looks lovely without compromising strength. The workshop has one full-time employee, Graeme who assists Andrew with processing and making the orders.

  • Tricia is sitting in front of a painting of a large flower that she is working on. She is wearing spectacles and has her long hair up in a bun


    Tricia’s bubbly voice is usually the first point of contact for many callers. She is responsible for the admin, marketing, sales & office type stuff which everyone else avoids! Being multi-skilled, she’s also the ‘creative’ personality behind many of the bespoke wrought ironwork and is happy to advise and assist with designs working in collaboration with Andrew. Tricia’s artistic talents also extend to the workshop where the plasma cut wall & garden art has been designed by her. A keen artist, you can see her beautiful paintings and artwork on Facebook, Instagram and on her website


  • Adelaide Hills blacksmith Andrew Hood is in front of a wall of hammers. He is wearing spectacles and has a long grey and white beard


    Andrew spends most of his time in the workshop, however you may be lucky enough to have him answer the phone if he’s in the office working on quotes or answering emails. Andrew’s responsibilities are mainly ‘operational’ and his talents lie in the fabrication and blacksmithing areas. Andrew will not compromise on quality, so don’t bother asking him to make something ‘cheap’! As Tricia has been heard to say, “when you’re 6’5” I guess you tend to build everything like a brick dunny!” Blacksmithing is also Andrew’s hobby and is an active member of the Artist Blacksmith Assn of SA.


  • Headshot of welding employee


    Graeme is the powerhouse of the workshop, our welder-extraordinaire. His cheerful and bubbly nature brightens up the workshop, even on those cold and grey mornings. Graeme came to Farmweld with an extensive knowledge of the building industry. His knowledge of fabrication and structural techniques is greatly valued as is he. Graeme can be found working away behind the MIG welder or talking through more complex jobs with Andrew. Graeme is also a keen gardener and has won awards for his Dahlias. He is also a keen birder and budgie breeder.

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