Metal Gazebos

Gazebos and larger plant supports

Gazebo’s are an attractive structure which support for larger plants, not so easily grown over garden arches. A garden gazebo is a lovely place to sit any time of the year. Because of their attractive appearance, they are sought after for functions such as weddings.

romantic wrought iron gazebo with wedding party

The wedding ceremony was held under this romantic wrought iron gazebo. Nine people including the minister fitted comfortably under this structure. It was decorated with coloured satin.

This gazebo is now part of our standard range. Made to order it’s approximately 4m in diameter and is easy to install. All solid materials are used in the gazebo panels, so it’s very heavy & solid. It comes flat packed with loops for string wires over the top to support your plants.

Steel, wrought iron gazebo

Wrought iron metal gazebo, 4m diameter. Standard design. POA

What plants are suitable for growing over a gazebo?

Have you dreamt of growing a larger, showy plant? Gazebos give you the opportunity to showcase some gorgeous plants like:

  • Wisteria
  • larger rambling roses
  • Clematis
  • glory vine (ornamental grape)
  • Jasmine
  • Banksia rose.

All of these plants put on a beautiful show of either flowers or foliage. The more scented plants like wisteria and jasmine, fill the air with perfume making it an even more attractive area to be in. If you grow deciduous plants over the gazebo you’ll have a cool, shady place to sit in summer and a warm sunny place in winter.

Other uses for Gazebos

Gazebo’s can be made to any size. Some customers have chosen to be a little creative and with the addition of wire, they can be made into very attractive aviaries.

wrought iron bird aviaryNOTE: All images and product designs are copyright © and can not be reproduced in any way with out the written permission of Farmweld.

 Custom gazebo designs

Gazebo’s are made from solid steel and depending on size, finish and style, start from about $2500.

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