Some garden arches are just showy pieces of ironwork. The purpose of a garden arch however is to support the plant growing over it. Who doesn’t love walking through, or sitting under a green canopy? One customer had such a dream. Her backyard was sunny and bright and she wanted to grow a canopy over her garden setting but the arches she’s seen elsewhere were flimsy and cheap.

Round top garden arbour

Garden arch with mesh sides, unpainted silver/galvanised finish

Unfortunately large chain stores have set the bar low for garden arches. Most people will travel to their local chain store or local Bunnings hardware store looking for a rose arbour or garden arch. These places don’t offer much other than cheaply made, thin, weak structures with built in redundancy. You know, the kind that breaks in a couple years, along with your much loved plant! It’s great for them, because you end up a repeat customer buying another arch and another plant. However, it doesn’t address your frustration, disappointment and heartbreak over losing a beautiful plant you’ve been nurturing for the last couple of years.

The lovely lady in question found us at our display on the lawns at the historic Beaumont House, in the leafy green eastern suburbs of Adelaide. It’s one of the National Trust’s properties that we’ve made a few heritage garden items for over the last few years. Amongst our wrought iron gates and metal art, she was excited to find our display of garden arches. She could see that they were well made, strong and would last years, probably even outlasting her. A garden arbour that was made specifically for her garden to the size she needed, was exactly what she was looking for.

“I saw Farmweld at an open day at Beaumont House where they had a display of their work. I really liked the arches I saw there and liked the fact that in buying from them I am supporting local artists and artisans.

My experience was all the more pleasant as Farmweld was so easy to deal with.

I’m really happy with the garden arch that I bought and feedback from friends has been great. I would certainly recommend Farmweld.

PS. All this time later, the arch is still getting admirers!”

PC, Melrose Park, SA.

This particular arch is one of Farmweld’s standard designs. Farmweld has three standard profiles and offer the option of either mesh or trellis sides, with or without powder coating. If you’d like more information about garden arches, check out the page on garden arch designs for more information.

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