Heritage Style Country Gates – an overview

Choose from the largest range of heritage style gates in Australia, made to measure in your choice of colour.

Railway Gates

Double Railway Gates, drop pins and hand made swing bow, powder coated ‘Charcoal’.

Reminiscent  of yesteryear, Farmweld’s heritage style country gates enhance the entrance to your property, no matter whether it’s large or small.”

Are you looking to buy a heritage style farm gate to blend with the style of your home? Farmweld gates take the best features of old heritage gates and meld them into designs suitable for old or new homes. Choose from a wide range of horizontal bar farm gates or heritage mesh and scroll gates. Mesh gates like old vintage gates by Cyclone & other Australian companies, come with heritage woven wire or chain mesh. With so much choice in driveway gates and garden gates you’re sure to find a gate suitable for your home.

Watch a quick overview of the available range of heritage country gates…

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Australian made:

  • Our Adelaide Hills workshop makes all gates, using Australian materials where possible.
  • Castings come from a local foundry and
  • Hinges are made by Farmweld.

Farmweld has happy customers all around Australia including Victoria, NSW, Qld, Tas, ACT, WA and of course SA where Farmweld makes the gates.

Customised for you

Have peace of mind knowing that your heritage gate will be the right fit and colour. Gates are made to order, exactly as you want it. Have your gate made to:

  • any size (from 3’/915mm through to 16’/4.8m)
  • your choice of colour – any standard colour from Interpon’s range (including the Colourbond colours). Click here for more information.
  • mesh gate options include farm mesh, chain mesh or heritage woven wire.

Customise your order even further with:

Custom Farm Gate Designs…

These are some examples of custom and reproduction heritage farm gate designs made for our customers:

NOTE: All images and product designs are copyright © and can not be reproduced in any way with out the written permission of Farmweld.

Don’t forget to look at the huge range of gates under the Bar Gate and Mesh Gate categories.


Our standards…


Your metal gate is built strong to withstand daily wear and tear – no matter whether it’s a residential driveway gate or country gate. Farmweld gates were originally designed and made to withstand the rigours of heavy animals and regular use and this philosophy hasn’t changed. Your gate is built to last.


We take the time to ensure that all our heritage style country gates are strong and safe for you, your family and your animals with no sharp protrusions or weak joins.

Frequently asked questions:

What materials do you make the heritage gates from?

All Farmweld heritage country gates are made from steel RHS, pipe or solid steel with a minimum wall thickness of 2.3mm.

Unlike our competitors, we do not work with or use flimsy metal tubing or aluminium. Tubing is very thin and has a smaller outer diameter. It deteriorates and rusts far too quickly and is easily bent out of shape on impact.

Your gates will be made from quality first grade steel which complies to strict Australian standards.

Mesh gates are fitted with quality mesh, be it farm mesh, heritage woven wire or chain mesh. We do not use seconds.

Our intention is that Farmweld gates should be able to withstand the rough and tumble of a child climbing or dog jumping on a gate, and that it should last at least 25+ years. We don’t believe in building redundancy into our products.

I don't know exactly what size gate I need?

Not all gateways are a standard size and trying to work out the exact length of the gate to fit the gap can be a pain in the proverbial! That’s why we custom make each gate so it will fit any width gateway.

The sizes available for each design range from 915mm (3′) small garden gates through to larger driveway entrance gates up to 4.8m long (with some exceptions, refer to design information). We can make your gates as a single or a pair.

All we need to know from you is the distance between your posts (measure at the top and bottom) and we’ll work out the rest. If your posts and fencing are yet to go in, let us know how far apart you’re putting the posts and you can go ahead with that part of the project while your gate is being made. As long as the posts are installed as far apart as you told us they’d be, your gate should fit perfectly.

CLICK HERE to find out how to measure your gateway.

I can't find a gate I like, can you help me?

Yes we can. Many different styles of heritage gates exist including antique gates from over 100 years ago. What we have on offer is only a small sample of what we can make for you.

We can make:

  • reproduction heritage gates
  • gates and fences to match your existing gates
  • gates to your own design

What's the standard width of a Garden Gate?

As we don’t make to any ‘standard size’ you’ll need to work out what size suits you best. As a general recommendation we advise that it be at least 1.2m wide. Here are some things to consider:

  • Will you be pushing a fully loaded wheelbarrow through the gate? There’s nothing worse than losing half the load as it gets caught on a narrow gate.
  • Do you have a ride on mower? Take into account the width of the deck and any other protrusions, e.g. wheels, hoses.
  • Gates smaller than 1200mm wide look odd in a design with the handle – the length of the handle is 60cm. We can leave the handle off where gates are under this size.
  • The standard height of gates is 1200mm (heights may vary slightly on mesh gates due to the type of mesh inserted). If you’re putting in posts, don’t forget to allow for a gap under the gate of about 50-100mm. Take the slope of the ground into consideration as well. Fences look best when the posts sit slightly proud of the rail, with the gate’s top frame sitting level with the fence.

Should I get a single or double gate?

Generally this is a matter of personal preference. How you use the gate might make a difference:

  • Will the gates be closed most of the time?
  • Is the gateway less than 4.2m wide?
  • Do you need to ‘lock’ the gate?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above questions then you may want to consider a single gate. Opening and closing a pair of gates can be tedious, especially when it’s raining. Locking a gate is easiest and most secure if it can be locked to a post. Double gates will need a latch and drop pins to secure them. If you’re in doubt don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation.

Are Farmweld gates just copies of old gates?

Yes and no. Some gate designs are direct reproductions of old heritage gates, including mesh Cyclone gates, and HV McKay Sunshine and Simpson cast jointed gates. We try to make them as authentic as possible and can reproduce other styles which are not part of our standard range.

Other gate designs, some of which have been influenced by older blacksmithed gates, are unique to Farmweld. We hold the copyright over these designs so if you see the same gate elsewhere it means the design has been stolen from us and it’s quite likely the seller is not reputable (if you do happen to see an example of this please let us know so we can protect our product & reputation).

Don’t be fooled by copies, buy an authentic Farmweld gate where quality is guaranteed.

The unique heritage style gate handle featured on many of the Farmweld country and farm gates is a signature design associated with Farmweld. Based on the old style gates or heritage gates of the early 20th Century, the handle is not only attractive but practical as well.


  • We reserve the right to improve, alter or modify our designs without prior notification.
  • Colours shown are intended as a guide only.
  • All product descriptions are correct at time of publication.

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