Elegant heritage gate, not another mass produced gate.

Customised heritage gate

Making custom gates is what we do, not only tailoring the length so the gate fits well, but also offering custom gate styles. Gate manufacturers put out the same styles quickly, cheaply and in bulk. Their aim is to make quick money. Quality is no longer important. Redundancy is the game, forcing people like you to replace your gates often. In a world where waste is at record highs, Farmweld is bucking this trend.

From Folly to Garden Nook

Classic style garden arch adapted with wrought iron and tabs to attach a trellis.

A recent testimonial from a customer describing her project as a folly, is in fact a beautiful, practical garden arch which, once established, will make her garden the place she always dreamed of. In architecture, a folly is an ornamental or decorative building or structure that doesn’t serve much of a practical purpose, even if it’s meant to look like it does. It’s creation often reflects a whimsical inclination on the part of the garden designer, built primarily to be seen as part of the scenery. Often our customers have a wonderful vision of what they’d like to create with limited resources – their “whimsical inclination” or folly. That’s where custom making items to suit sits so well with these clients.

Blacksmithing coke supplies for sale

With the closure of coke-works around Australia, black smithing coke supplies are getting hard to buy. We would like to reassure our blacksmithing customers that we will continue to keep a good supply of blacksmithing coke for sale from our Adelaide Hills premises until such time as it is no longer available.

First impressions count – preparing your home for sale

A pair of hand made wrought iron gates in front of a house at Mitcham

When selling your home, first impressions are pivotal in whether a prospective buyer will turn up at your open inspection, so it’s important to get their attention. You don’t get a second chance with first impressions. For this reason alone, a welcoming front entrance with a beautiful, high quality wrought iron gate can make a huge difference in how buyers view the overall quality of the property. The initial outlay in bettering the street appeal of your home, can add thousands to the asking price of your home as we all having buyers line up at your open inspection, wondering what other quality features the house has to offer.

Display 17th April: Beaumont House

The National Trust of SA will be hosting a ‘Victoriana Day of historical Child’s Play’ at Beaumont House as part of the Heritage Festival on Sunday 17th April from 11am. Andrew will be doing blacksmithing displays on the day. Bring your children and grandchildren along to the extensive and beautiful gardens of Beaumont House for stories, dress-ups, animal petting and lots of games and activities from long ago. There will be food-trucks and Devonshire Teas on the veranda for the adults. Should be a fun-packed day!

Victorian Play Day

Daylesford Gate – New Heritage Farm Gate

Image of heritage farm gate modeled on Daylesford's Wombat Park entrance gate

Till recently, the Daylesford gate has only been available as a custom designed farm gate. Due to it’s popularity, we have decided to include it as a standard design under the bar gates collection, in the heritage style country gates range. Modeled on the entrance gate to the historic ‘Wombat Park Estate’, in Daylesford, Victoria the gate is:

Dog friendly gate

Pet safe wrought iron gate

Gates are not just for keeping people and animals out, but also for keeping our precious children and pets in. Usually for their own safety. Pet friendly gates don’t have to be boring and unattractive, but they should be safe. Most dog safe gates are usually plain, with vertical bars. However a simple embellishment may be more than enough to take a plain, boring gate up a notch to something quite elegant. This was our solution to one customer’s problem.

I want to buy a Wisteria arch!

Large wisteria support

We get frequent enquiries about wisteria supports, with many people wanting to grow wisteria over smaller arches. The beauty of wisteria flowers along with their perfume, their hardiness and dense foliage makes them a desirable garden and shade plant for pergolas and wisteria arbours. However, Wisteria are large, tough plants so it’s important to have an appropriate structure to give your wisteria support. Not only can it be invasive, but if Wisteria

Maladies, Monsters and Mayhem!

Thank you Farmweld's customers

We’ve been sitting here wondering how to write this particular post. The last few months have been challenging, and we’re wading our way through a backlog of quotes and work that has built up. Earlier this year Tricia’s health relapsed, then just as the busiest Spring to date hit, we found ourselves dealing with a stalker who