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Heritage Style Country Gates

Double RailwayGates

Double Railway Gates, short drop pins and hand made swing bow.

"Reminiscent  of yesteryear, Farmweld’s heritage style country gates enhance the entrance of your property, no matter whether it's large or small."

Are you looking to buy a heritage style farm gate which will blend with the style of your home? Look no further, Choose from the widest range of heritage style country gates in Australia, made to order in any size or colour you want. The range includes cottage garden gates and entrance gates hand made in our Adelaide Hills workshop from quality materials. Your metal gate is built strong to withstand the daily wear and tear of rural life. With the exception of wrought iron gates, Farmweld country gates are custom made from galvanised steel pipe, not flimsy metal tubing or aluminium. The metal gate frames are made with a strong 25nb (34mm outer diameter) galvanised steel frame with a minimum wall thickness of 2mm and the time is taken to ensure that all our heritage style country gates are strong and safe for you and your animals with no sharp protrusions or weak joins.

Wrought iron gates are made using a combination of  flat steel or square bars and can be comparatively quite heavy.

All gates are made to withstand the rigours of heavy animals and regular use.

The unique heritage style gate handle featured on most of the Farmweld country and farm gates is a signature design associated with Farmweld so don't be fooled by copies. Based on the old style gates or heritage gates of the early 20th Century, the handle is not only attractive but practical as well.

3 Frequently asked questions about Farmweld gates

Custom made ...

Any size:
Not all gateways are a standard size. Your gate will be made by Farmweld to fit any size gateway. For an accurate fit measure the distance between the top and bottom of your gate posts and your gate will be made to the right size.

Diamond gates with extra bar to keep dogs in.Customise your heritage style country gate with:

  • extra rails,
  • different steel mesh inserts,
  • a different height,
  • decorative scroll work,
  • matching posts,
  • matching side fence panels,
  • decorative post caps.
Double gates come with a hand made swing bow and drop pins to complement gates.

Steel Gate Posts:
If you need posts Farmweld can supply a set of matching powder coated steel gate posts. Click here to see the optional decorative and plain post caps.

Design Service: (see below)
Farmweld custom makes gates to your design and/or specifications. Provide a sketch or photo and a computer generated drawing and quote will be sent to you for your approval. The gate below was designed as a whimsical chicken coop entrance:

From concept to reality:

Chicken coop gate thumbnail sketch          Vegetable garden gate

Do you want a single or double gates?
If you like the look of double gates but prefer the ease of a single leaf, Farmweld can create a mock double gate for you.

Our Gate Range ...

Watch a quick overview of our range of gates

Heritage Style Country Gates:

This more formal range of heritage steel gates is:
  • powder coated to any standard colour from the Interpon range including the Colourbond colours.
  • These gates are available in most sizes from 3' / .915mm through to 16' / 4.8m.
  • For more information on the construction of our country gates see below.

Pipe Gates

The Railway gate and Diamond gate are made from galvanised steel pipe. They are are 1200mm tall to the top rail. These gates are more practical around stock due to their overall strength and design being more suitable around animals.

Railway Gate

Diamond Gate

Mesh Gates

Farmweld steel mesh gates feature scroll work similar to the ribbon gates popular during the 1900-1950's. The following gate designs are available in all sizes:

  • Maddison (pictured below)
  • Kensington (pictured below)
  • Vanessa (pictured under 'Garden Gates')
  • Raphael; and
  • Marie (pictured under 'Garden Gates')

. (Smaller versions of the Vanessa & Marie are pictured under 'Garden Gates').

  • These gates come standard with 100x150x5mm weld mesh insert.
  • The mesh gates are 1100mm tall to the top of the frame.

The following optional mesh inserts are availbale at extra cost:

  • 50x75mm weld mesh suitable for smaller animals or horses;
  • Chain mesh (also known as chain wire, cyclone wire and tennis court mesh) ;
  • Heritage woven wire also known as Emu woven wire. (see example under Garden Gates below).

Maddison Gate

Kensington Gate
Maddison with side fence panels and posts with ball caps
Above: Maddison gate with side fence panels and matching gate posts with ball caps.

Right: Kensington gate in plain galv with optional chain mesh insert.
Kensington gate with scrolls and optional chain mesh insert
Above: Marie gate with optional chain mesh insert, powder coated black.

Wrought Iron Country Gates

The 'Eleanor' was the first of our wrought iron entrance gates and is made mainly of flat steel as were many of the earlier blacksmithed heritage farm gates of the mid to late 1800's. The 'Estate' gate is the latest design to join our stable of wrought iron gates and it's design is influenced by the old style English estate gates. These gates can be left raw and allowed to rust giving an aged appearance or be powder coated. These styles particularly suit Federation and Victorian era homes and cottages.
Eleanor heritage style wrought iron gate
Heritage Estate country gate with wrought iron
Estate Gate

Cast Jointed Gates

These gates are replicas of the old Simpson gates (made in South Australia) or Sunshine McKay Gates (made in Victoria) that were made around the turn of the last century. The ornamental circular centre disc is the closest to the Sunshine McKay gates but both mouldings are probably from the Simpson gates.

Gates are welded using a special welding technique that bonds mild steel to cast iron.

Knuckles can be decorative or plain, and there are two centres available:Cast jointed gate - ornamental centre disc
  • bow; (pictured in gate below) or
  • round disc with ornamental detail (pictured left).

The cast jointed gates are quite heavy in comparison to the other Farmweld metal pipe gates as the joints are solid cast iron and the rails are made from much heavier pipe.

Cast jointed gates are available in sizes from 1.2m / 4' through to a maximum of 3.6m / 12'.

Small cast jointed gate, Sunshine McKay or Simpson farm gate

1200mm / 4' Cast Jointed Gate, with ornamental castings

Heritage cast jointed gate
10' Heritage Federation cast jointed gate with plain castings
Cast jointed Simpson gate with ornamental castings 12' Heritage Federation cast jointed gate with ornamental castings

Field Gates 

Farmweld offers three styles of galvanised steel field gates or paddock gates. Gates are a standard 1200mm tall with optional powder coating. The range consists of:

Mesh Field Gate

  1. a standard Mesh Field Gate;
  • field gates can be braced with one, two or three vertical braces, a “Z” or “W” brace.
  • A single vertical brace is standard on gates 14'/4.2m and over.
  • Gates can be made to different heights, e.g. 950mm tall with mesh for sheep.
  • A finer 75 x 50 mesh can be inserted for alpacas, horses or smaller animals.
Horizontal Bar Field Gate
  1. A six bar steel pipe gate that is best suited for larger animals such as horses that have a tendency to lean on gates and/or rub their tails off on the weld mesh; and
Forest Gate Horse Gate, Two bar gate, Forest Gate
  1. The ‘Forest’ gate which has two bars. This gate is set 600mm above the ground, and is the safest horse gate as it's not easy for horses to get cast under it. The 'Forest' gate is available in two steel pipe sizes:
    • 25nb (34mm outer diameter); or
    • 32nb (43mm outer diameter).
Contact us for a price list

Check out the testimonials page to see what our customers had to say

Gate topper 4Garden Gates & Courtyard GatesGate Topper 10
  • Farmweld custom makes garden gates and courtyard gates in all of the above heritage gate designs.
  • Please note that anything smaller than 1200mm will look odd in a design with the handle - the smallest we can bend a handle is 50cm.
  • Garden gates can be made to your specifications or we can design a unique garden gate for you.
  • What size? Remember to allow enough of a gap between gate posts to get a wheelbarrow or ride on mower through comfortably.

Mesh gates are standard with the 100x150mm mesh. Optional mesh inserts are:

  • 75x50mm mesh
  • Chain mesh
  • Emu woven wire
Our price list covers most of our standard designs in their standard heights. However wrought iron courtyard gates (as pictured below) are quoted on individually as we can make them to any height or length.
Kensington Garden Gate 1200mm
Kensington Garden Gate.
1200mm pictured with optional chain mesh
Maddison garden gate
Maddison Garden Gate.
1200mm pictured
Courtyard gate
Courtyard Gate with 9-04 wrought iron topper.
POA depending on size and how ornamental you want it.
Marie gate with optional chain mesh insert
Marie gate with optional chain mesh insert
Eleanor Country Garden gate
Eleanor country garden gate
Victorian Woven Wire Gate
Victorian Emu Woven Wire Gate
'Vanessa' garden gate with standard mesh and powder coated. 900mm pictured.
'Vanessa' garden gate with optional Chain Mesh insert and plain galvanised frame
Florence - 900mm
'Florence' wrought iron garden gate.
For a French Provincial look.

900mm pictured
Wrought Iron Gates - any dimension.
The 'Florence' pictured above, was the first of our wrought iron garden gates and was followed by the release of the 'Eleanor' and 'Estate' gates. The 'Florence' makes an attractive wall ornament or more practically a beautiful feature entrance garden gate.These gates are made of black steel and can be left raw, allowing them to rust before being sealed, for that authentic heritage look.

Farmweld custom make ornamental wrought iron gates in both traditional and contemporary gate designs to suit any application.
Newmans Nursery Pergola Gates opening into their Topiary Cafe areaDesign Service
Farmweld will design and custom make a unique gate for you, in a contemporary or heritage gate design. Drawings are prepared and emailed or posted to you for your authorisation (note: all drawings are copyright protected). If you have a drawing or photo of something you'd like made up please send it to us and we'll provide you with a quote.

We have a range of standard wrought iron gate toppers (as pictured on the courtyard gate above right), decorative gate inserts and pressed metal ornaments such as leaves, spears, scrolls, fleurons and flowers which can incorporated to create a unique wrought iron gate reminiscent of old world gates or we can fabricate a gate to your specifications.  Click here to download a sample of our standard garden gate and entrance gate toppers like those below.

Have a look at the 'News' page to see more of our custom made gates.

Gate topper 6Gate topper1
Construction ...
As per the description on the products page, we notch all joins and ensure that any weld mesh gate inserts are safely welded inside the frame of each gate. In addition:
  • We pride ourselves on making our field gates and heritage style country gates strong, well made and built to last. 
  • Hinge sockets are welded on to all powder coated gates to minimise any abrasion on the coating. Paddock gates and heritage style country gates are easy to install on ordinary field gate gudgeons. 
  • If you have masonry or steel posts we can make gudgeons to suit. 
  • Steel gate posts can be made to match your gates along with decorative gate post caps or tops, e.g. spheres.
  • To minimise any rust formation all welds and black steel are primed prior to being powder coated.

Gate fittings are generally not included so if they are required please order these at the same time as your gate. Some items may need to be welded on prior to powder coating, e.g. drop pins and gate bows. 

What colours are available? There are a broad range of colours available including the Colourbond colours. If you want a colour chart please phone Interpon Powder Coaters on 1800 630 516 and ask them to post you one.

How do I order a gate?

  • If you'd like to place an order please let us know the distance between your posts so that we can make the gate to 'fit'.
  • When ordering a mesh gate please advise which mesh (e.g. weld mesh, chain mesh, bars, etc) you'd like.
  • When you contact us we will give you a firm price for the gate and any delivery costs.
  • Orders are not confirmed until we have received a deposit.
  • Please refer to the FAQ page for more information.

'We deliver our products all around Australia. 
Contact us for a price list or discuss your custom made design with us today.'

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