A recent testimonial from a customer describing her project as a folly, is in fact a beautiful, practical garden arch which, once established, will make her garden the place she always dreamed of. In architecture, a folly is an ornamental or decorative building or structure that doesn’t serve much of a practical purpose, even if it’s meant to look like it does. It’s creation often reflects a whimsical inclination on the part of the garden designer, built primarily to be seen as part of the scenery. Often our customers have a wonderful vision of what they’d like to create with limited resources – their “whimsical inclination” or folly. That’s where custom making items to suit sits so well with these clients.

Classic style garden arch adapted with wrought iron and tabs to attach a trellis.

Classic style garden arch adapted with wrought iron and tabs to attach a trellis.

Christine approached us with the idea of creating a private nook in her garden. The idea was to create some privacy by attaching a hardiflex trellis to the back of a large garden arch over which she would grow a flowering climber. The aim was to create a spot under which she and her husband could sit. It was to match the colour of their newly restored garden setting on which they would sit and enjoy the ambience of their garden. The structure needed to be classic, with a touch of wrought iron on the front, where it would be seen once the plant had established over the arch.

The challenge we were faced with was making such a large structure in a way that would reduce shipping costs but not weaken the arch. People come to Farmweld because they want products that are going to last. We settled on a profile that would lend itself to neatly cosseting the wrought iron work, but that would almost pack down flat. Not something you can do with a round top arch. It was quick and easy to assemble and the joins are not overly obvious. Nor are they ‘weak’. Once the hardiplex is attached it will be very strong.

This is what Christine had to say…

“I needed an arch to span a particular area of a newly landscaped front garden. I couldn’t find anything ready made in the size I needed so I decided to go custom made.

I initially felt hesitant about buying from Farmweld. I was concerned about buying sight unseen and I hadn’t seen any products made by them, but my husband knew of their reputation.

I really appreciated the assistance they gave me, over the phone and by email. I had a basic idea of what I wanted but, with their knowledge and advice I now have my perfect garden folly. The best part of my experience was that I wasn’t pressured in any way. Farmweld were totally honest in the length of time it would take to produce and they delivered within the specified time frame.

The best thing about my arch is that it was designed to exactly fit my purpose, I probably won’t see another one exactly like it anywhere and it looks exactly the way I imagined it would. Being able to have the arch customised to my size, colour and decorative appearance made all the apprehension worth it. My husband is very impressed with the strength of the product and the workmanship that has gone into building it.

My garden is still basically bare bones and a photo at this stage wouldn’t do my archway justice but if I can manage to achieve the result I want in the very near future I would love to share it. My folly is in my front garden and as bare as the rest of the garden is just now I have to tell you that all of my neighbours have admired and commented on it. I would recommend Farmweld to anyone looking for that something extra and a little different.”

Christine D,
Bonnyrigg, Sydney NSW

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