Fittings & Posts

The following are examples of fittings generally supplied with Farmweld gates. It is generally assumed that gates are mounted on timber posts, or square steel posts. If you have round steel posts, or masonry pillars please talk to us about the most suitable way of hanging your gates.

Heritage country gates

  • Single Gates: 
    • Two-way butterfly latch 
    • adjustable bolt through gudgeons.
  • Double Gates:
    • Hand made swing bow latch 
    • drop pins on each gate
    • adjustable bolt through gudgeons.

Wrought iron gates

  • Courtyard Gates: 
    • Two-way butterfly latch 
    • hinges set on on plate
  • Large double Gates: 
    • Ring latch or swing bow
    • drop pins
    • heavy duty hinges tailored to suit the gate and posts/pillars.

Options available:

Gate Latches

2-way butterfly latch
Two-way butterfly latch, opens both ways, recommended for powder coated gates

Hook chain latch – mainly on rural gates

Ring latch

Pool safety latches


When you place your order we will usually ask you a few questions along the lines of what you intend to hinge your gate to. It’s important that the right hinges be used so that they:

  • attach properly and safely to the post/pillars;
  • are capable of taking the weight of the gate; and
  • that they wear appropriately for the situation the gate is to be in.
Gate hinge socket
Hinge socket welded to get prevents abrasion on the paintwork.

Most gates are fitted with weld on sockets in which the hinge pins sit. We prefer this method over hinges such as lightweight ‘straps’ (commonly used on garden gates) which rub the paintwork away and eventually erode the steel frame.

Bolt through gudgeons – mainly used on the heritage country gates. We make these ourselves, as we were not happy with quality of mass produced ones.

Heavy duty hinges – wrought iron gates

Bolt on hinges – on plate so they can be bolted to masonry, timber, steel posts, etc. Generally used on smaller gates or medium to large gates where dyna-bolts will securely hold the gate & bracket in place.

NOTE: Heavy wrought iron gates and gates to be mounted on masonry pillars may need additional support. We will discus this with you if relevant.

Steel Gate Posts

If you need posts Farmweld can supply a set of matching powder coated steel gate posts with the fittings pre-welded to the posts. These are available with optional decorative post caps.

Gate automation

We often get asked about automating gates. It’s not something we get involved with as we prefer to specialise in what we’re good at. Secondly, if your not in SA then a local supplier is best just in case any issues arise with your unit. We can help by welding plates, etc to the gates if needed during the manufacturing process, but components must posted to us with any instructions, before fabrication. In many cases the arms of the automation unit will just clamp onto the bottom bar of the gate.

Warning: If you live in a dusty area or on a dirt road/driveway then make sure the casing seals well. Many units are made for city environments and we’ve heard a number of reports about casings that don’t seal well resulting in numerous callouts in a regular basis as the motor gets clagged with dirt. As with most things you usually get what you pay for. Ask your neighbours and friends for recommendations. Word of mouth is usually the best form of recommendation.