Creating a focal point in a garden is easy when you use pots or structures which add height and a contrasting texture to the garden.  This large bell pot is fantastic as a pond or a large planter. Set at the end of a large archway the eye focuses on the pot at the end.

wrought iron base with large GRC bell pot
The pot is available either in French white or an antiqued finish and is suitable as a pond or planter. It comes in two sizes, a large and small as shown below. The large planter is shown here and makes a wonderful focal point in any garden.Large bell planter with wrought iron base

Large bell planter with wrought iron base

Large garden arbour and pot set up as a display at the Stirling Autumn Garden Festival, South Australia.

Bell Pot planters

Priced at $1240 for the large pot and base (in raw steel).

Prices current at 29/4/12.

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