wrought iron courtyard gate with centre motifBuilding projects are always easier when you have competent people to help you out. A lovely couple from Brisbane were in the process of having a courtyard built at the back of their home. They needed a wrought iron gate to set off their French provincial style courtyard but needed some assistance with the design of a gate as there was still nothing there. The safety of two small terriers had to be taken into account as well.

The only specs we were initially given was that the courtyard walls would be 1800mm high and that they were thinking of a gateway approximately 1200mm wide. The most important consideration was that the two small terriers may be tempted to try and squeeze through any gaps and their safety had to be taken into account.

French provincial courtyard in Brisbane, Qld

The wrought iron courtyard gate is the perfect feature to tie together all the iron elements in this French provincial style courtyard.

At the time of enquiry we were told “we have nothing at this stage – not even the walls…  We’re open to your advice about powder coated vs plain steel as we don’t know the advantages of one over the other.”  In this situation we suggested powder coating. Raw steel looks nice enough but it does require maintenance with an annual coat of Penetrol to stop the gate from rusting away – possibly more so in a tropical environment like Brisbane. Secondly anything that’s rusty is also likely to leave rust stains on paving. As the walls and pavers were light coloured it was advisable to powder coat.

wrought iron courtyard gate, Brisbane, Australia

The black powder coating on this gate provides a long lasting, low maintenance finish. The colour contrasts against the light walls of the courtyard making it the main focal point of the courtyard.

The black colour helped to make the wrought iron stand out as a feature. The customers were advised to start building their wall while their gate was being made and to just make sure that the gap for the gateway was to be built to the distance they originally specified and that we’d take care of the rest, making the gate to fit, taking into consideration any gaps and hinge allowances. Although scrolls were initially suggested for the bottom of the gate, vertical bars, spaced closely enough to stop the terriers from getting through were used, and a centre motif added the desired decoration. Vertical bars are much safer than scrolls where dogs, or any animal for that matter, are concerned.

Dog friendly wrought iron courtyard gate

The bar spacing had to be such that the dogs would not be able to squeeze through or injure themselves.

This is the testimonial we got from our customers in Queensland:

“We had no doubts or hesitation buying from Farmweld. Our decision to buy was based on the presentation of your website, which is well illustrated, so we could see exactly what we were getting.

Price was going to be an issue. There is a place near us in Brisbane which is the only place we could find that does this sort of thing. Unfortunately the owners convey the attitude that they are artists of the rarest talent who really should be creating pieces for the Vatican and their prices reflect this lofty attitude. Your work was as good if not better and more realistically priced.

It was a huge benefit in not having to troop around the city looking at places, only to find they didn’t have what we were after. Your website made it easier.

There was a hiccup with the freight company not phoning us when they should have, but when the gate was finally delivered the actual handling, etc. was fine – it was well wrapped and in good order. The gate has worked really well for the dogs and we love it.

We’d recommend your products to our friends and work colleagues. When they see our gate I know they will want one, and probably after a few drinks they will quietly ask me the price and I’ll tell them it was quite reasonable. “

Cannon Hill, Qld

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  1. Susan Chirgwin

    It would be helpful to know how much the gate cost. I am looking for two (possibly 3) gates to enclose a garden – one x 1100 and one x 800 (the possible third x 1000) and all approx 1500-2metres high. Cost obviously is of vital interest as would be time ready.
    Thanks Susan

    1. admin

      Susan, I have emailed you direct. Pricing of gates depends on finish, height, width amount of wrought iron work and the type of lock.

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