Living in the country we always seemed to “make do”, take “what’s available” be asked “why would we want that”, be told “you live in an old house” “you’re off the main road no-one will see it”. I wanted to know why couldn’t we have something special, something pretty.

On our dairy farm we often put cattle in the paddock surrounding the  house yard, and as I like other country women work off farm I was forever getting in and out of the car to open and shut the gate. Our front gate was old and rusted and needed replacing, we looked at options off fencing it off and driving straight to the house but the economical quote was a gate with a solar panel.

My husband did some reseach but all the gates were basic steel and what  we use at the dairy. Then Trish from farmweld telephoned to follow up on our inquiry she wasn’t upset when I told her I wanted something different from the gates in the brochure, and she told me they custom make!!! I sent some dreadfull diagram of what I would like, they made it look like a gate and a reality and I ended up with my dream gate! Oh, and I look at it every day.

J. Reay, NSW

Contemporary Farm Gate

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