Many of Farmweld’s clients are avid gardeners. Quite a few host Open Gardens. Considering the amount of work and stress I think these people are very brave but also very inspiring as they share their creation with us. Preparing for an Open Garden can be a stressful time – making sure that nature looks it’s best, and keeping it looking good through the onslaught of lots and lots of feet!

One such client last year needed to solve her access problem with some simple, but elegant gates. Something welcoming. The final piece to complete her picture perfect garden was a set of Farmweld’s Kensington gates. They were detailed enough with the lacey wrought ironwork on the gates, so were left unpainted, and she chose the unpretentious farm mesh insert in keeping with the rural aspect of her home and garden.

After the weekend of her Open Garden, she sent us the following email and some photos.

“I just wanted to thank you for my gates! I love them and so did the 400 people that came through my open garden!”

Top of wrought iron and mesh gate frames the lawns of the Bridgetown Open Garden, Western Australia

The top of the Kensington Gate frames the view of this Open Garden at Bridgetown, WA

Top of scroll & mesh gate

A pair of Kensington Gates, modelled on vintage wrought iron and mesh gates, created a welcoming entrance to this Bridgetown Open Garden in Western Australia.

She then sent us this lovely review:

“I couldn’t find anyone in WA that makes gates like Farmweld’s. I had no hesitation buying from them and found the service was great, easy and they did their best to get them to me on time for my Open Garden.

I can now get from the house yard into the paddock without climbing through the fence, but the best thing is that they’re an added feature to my garden and I can see them from my kitchen sink!

I have already recommended Farmweld to a number of people.”

Chris U,
Bridgetown, WA

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2 thoughts on “How a Farmweld garden gate helped improve an Open Garden

  1. M Harris

    I found your website when searching for “heritage gates”.
    After browsing through the picture gallery, I saw the Open Gardens article link, and had a quick read. It made me laugh when I saw where it was, because my wife and I had been to this to this garden, in October last year. (Along with 400 other people? Wow!) I had commented on the new gates. The owner said she had just got them installed in the nick of time, and we could tell she was genuinely happy with the result.
    It was about the best garden we saw that weekend, and the gates were an indication of the effort and extent that she’d gone to with the garden.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for leaving your comment and validating that the owner was so happy with them.

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