We spent ages searching in person and on the web for someone who could produce a quality wrought iron gate in a traditional style at a fair price. We weren’t interested in cheap and shoddy but by the same token we also weren’t prepared to pay for underwriting someone’s over-expensive website, either. I liked the look and feel of Farmweld’s website straight away, because you could tell these were people who were passionate about what they were doing and proud of what they produced. All our dealings with Tricia and Farmweld proved my first impressions were spot on.

We’d found some 1930s vintage wrought iron in a New Orleans second hand store that had been salvaged from the stockpile at an old foundry and had brought it back with us to fit into a garden wall we were having built, as a small window into a new, private courtyard (French Quarter-style, of course!). We asked Tricia if they could incorporate the same design into the centre of the gate and after a bit of emailing back and forth it came up a treat.

We couldn’t be happier with the end product and can thoroughly recommend Farmweld’s work, especially if you’re looking for something bespoke that is going to last for generations to come.”

Paul & Pat Reid,
Buderim, Queensland

Hand forged wrought iron courtyard gate

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