When selling your home, first impressions are pivotal in whether a prospective buyer will turn up at your open inspection, so it’s important to get their attention. You don’t get a second chance with first impressions. For this reason alone, a welcoming front entrance with a beautiful, high quality wrought iron gate can make a huge difference in how buyers view the overall quality of the property. The initial outlay in bettering the street appeal of your home, can add thousands to the asking price of your home as we all having buyers line up at your open inspection, wondering what other quality features the house has to offer.

That’s exactly what CW from Adelaide did when he was preparing his home for sale. He wanted to buy a wrought iron gate and asked how Farmweld could help him. He had the option have having a unique wrought iron gate designed or opting for an existing design from this website. This is his story:

A pair of hand made wrought iron gates in front of a house at Mitcham

Custom made wrought iron gates with French Provincial style blind bottom panel. Mitcham, SA.

After many years with an old front fence, we needed to finish off the house from the front.  We wanted gates that would also allow dogs to roam in the front yard. I was a little unsure about buying something sight unseen, as I couldn’t see what the finish would be like or know whether it would fit. However, the fact that it was a local product from South Australia and hand-made, was an attraction.

When talking to Farmweld it was obvious they knew their product. They provided advice on things like design options, size of posts, etc. When I said my wife couldn’t visualise it, Tricia sent us an image of how it would look made up, and superimposed it over a picture of our property.

When the gates arrived I was impressed by the style and solid nature of the gates.

Unfortunately we are moving after taking 10 years to finish the house, ie gates. So hopefully the gates and new front fence will add to the purchase price.  I am sure the street appeal has been enhanced considerably.

I would recommend Farmweld’s services/products to anyone who appreciates quality and likes an individual product that adds the finishing touch to their property. A person who is house proud!

C.W., Mitcham, South Australia

NOTE: After asking the customer if I could share his photo and the above review he replied with the following:

“All good!  We love the gates, and it is going to be very hard  to leave the house now it is finally the way we visioned!

I must admit I did think of taking the gates, but not sure what style of house we will end up in!  Who knows, I maybe in the market for new gates when we move to country NSW.”

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