Another week has passed and as with most, there’s usually one project which stands out as a favourite. This week it was a project for a customer in the Adelaide Hills, in South Australia who had a large tree around with a girth of about 1.2 or 1.4m and she wanted to put a lovely, large wrought iron bench around it. She also wanted a steel tree bench which would last. She had a picture of an English tree bench she liked, but being aware of copyright we weren’t happy about copying someone else’s work.

Wrought iron tree bench

This large wrought iron tree bench is 2.6m in diameter, allowing plenty of space around a large tree.

Andrew spent quite a bit of time looking over the design to see how he could make it unique, and that he did. Needless to say he’s not only chuffed with the way it looks but very proud of the fact that he can dance a jig on it as well – so we know it will support well over 100kg of weight on it (not sure about the lawn underneath though). I think this steel tree bench will outlast the owner’s lifetime! Made in two halves the wrought iron bench is easy enough to put around any tree without damaging plants. We set it up temporarily on our front lawn for these photos – it’s a bit wonky as it wasn’t bolted together. My favourite bits are the lovely hand forged wrought iron legs.

half of the tree bench before installation

One section of the tree bench

This tree bench is 2.6m in diameter with an inner diameter of 1.6m. Certainly made for a large tree. We will be developing a smaller one as well which will most likely be larger than our wrought iron tree bench (which is about 1.2m in diameter) and pictured alongside the larger one here:

Large tree seat and smaller steel tree bench

The large wrought iron tree seat looks huge in comparison to the smaller tree bench.

At Feb 2013, prices start from$1499 for the small tree bench to around $4500 for the larger tree seat. Prices vary according to size and finish – raw steel or powder coated. Like all our other products they are made to order and can be customised in size.

If you’d like information about any of our garden products including matching rose arches and steel wall trellises don’t hesitate to call us or email.

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4 thoughts on “Wrought iron tree bench

  1. Tessa Myee

    I am looking for a tree bench to fit in a courtyard, for a client. Just wondering if shipping to Sydney would be a problem? Also I would like to be involved with the design as I have some ideas of what would be suitable.

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Tessa, we’re more than happy to work together with you. Shipping shouldn’t be a problem, however actual cost depends on the design you have in mind. Freight is worked out on HxWxD so the smaller the bench breaks down the cheaper it is. I’ve sent you an email and look forward to hearing back from you with the additional details I need.

  2. Monica Green

    does this small tree bench come in two pieces as well??

    1. admin

      Yes it does Monica. All tree benches are made in two halves. We work on the assumption that the bench has to go around a mature tree. Unless it’s made in two or three sections you won’t be able to get it around the tree. It’s easy to put together with a few bolts and very sturdy.

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