Heritage cast jointed gates are much sought after and increasingly more difficult to find. Farmweld’s cast jointed gates are available with two styles of cast iron knuckles. They are hard to distinguish from the original heritage Sunshine McKay and Simpson gates.

cast jointed gate

Reproduction heritage cast jointed gates


Original Sunshine McKay gate in need of repair

Original Sunshine McKay gate in need of repair

The old Sunshine McKay & Simpson gates dating back to the early 1900’s are fetching high prices at clearing sales and auctions. The Sunshine gates were made in Victoria and the Simpson gates in South Australia. It’s surprising to see some appear on Ebay in really bad shape, only to go for ridiculous prices. Could this be due to the fact that they’re becoming harder to find? I recall seeing a pair of 2.4m (8? in the old imperial measurement) gates going for in excess of $2500, some being irreparable and others needing some serious restoration work. These prices were for gates that were pick up only, which would have restricted the interest but they still fetched high prices.

Many of the original old gates, commonly known as “drag & drop” gates due to their weight, typically require a significant amount of restoration to fix badly bent and rusted away bars. I’m not sure what makes these gates so appealing, they were extremely heavy, made with solid steel bars and joined with cast iron joints. The castings on some gates were a little fancier and pretty but the ones with a steel frame and twisted wire (instead of bars) were not so attractive but still attract interest from collectors and renovators.

We ventured into adding these gates to our range after a Victorian insurance company approached us to make up a set for a customer of theirs. The cast iron joints and handle are all hand cast. We made a gate that was near indistinguishable from the original despite using modern techniques. The cast joints are from iron, and the bars are steel pipe, so not quite as heavy as the originals and a special welding technique is used to bond the cast iron to the steel giving a much smoother finish than MIG welding. Although a bit lighter than the original McKay gates, they are still very heavy at around 70kgs for a 3.6m gate. The castings are from original gates so we are limited to specific sized gates from 8′ / 2.4m through to 12′ / 3.6m.  Smaller gates from 1.2m can be made but without the diagonal bracing. Gates are available with either plain or ornamental castings.

Ornamental centre casting

Cast Jointed gate

Cast jointed gate with plain castings and bow centre

Cast jointed gate with ornamental castings and round centrepiece

Ornamental cast knuckles and round centrepiece

All gates are custom made to fit to a maximum length of 3.5m.

For more information about these gates and our other bar farm gates, visit the heritage country gates page.

For more information and pricing contact us today.

20 thoughts on “Cast Iron McKay Sunshine Gates & Cast Jointed Simpson Gates … the modern alternative

  1. Bruce & Cheryl McGregoe

    Would you please quote on a pair of 7 foot bow centre gates and fittings thanks with delivery to 3337 Melton.
    Regards Cheryl

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Cheryl, I’ve sent you an email with the pricing. Please let me know if you don’t get it, by giving me a call.

  2. Stuart

    Would you please supply price listings for your farm gates.

    Cheers Stuart

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Stuart, I’ve sent you an email. Email me direct if you’ve got any questions.

  3. greg connell

    hi i noticed that you have cast iron gates could you recast hinges for the mckay sunshine gates if i found a set . thanks greg.

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Greg, If you can get a set to us we can get a quote for having more cast for you. Please email me photos and your contact details.

  4. Evan Hicks

    Hi, old you please give me a price for a 3.8 meter sunshine gate delivered to Perth WA.

    Cheers Evan

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Evan, I’ve sent you an email along with additional information. As per the article above the longest we make these gates is 3.5m.

  5. russell freer

    just wondering on a price of a 3m gate please

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Russell, I’ve sent you an email with the pricing and some other information. You didn’t mention your location so I’ve been unable to quote for delivery. Please email me if you have any other questions.

  6. Hayley Noble

    hi can you please send me a quote for a 12 foot Mckay gate. where are you located and do you ship gates
    thanks Hayley Noble

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Hayley, I’ve sent you an email with the price but I couldn’t give you an idea of freight as you didn’t say where you’re located. Please get back to me with your details and I’ll send you an all inclusive price for shipping to your door. We’re located in the Adelaide Hills and ship our products all around Australia with very reasonable shipping rates. If you don’t get the email please give me a call.

  7. Sarah

    Could you please send a price list of your gates. Thanks

  8. Brent mcgrath

    Hey there, was after some prices on the 3.6mt cast jointed gate with the bow centre.

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Brent, I’ve sent you an email. If you contact me with your location I’ll also include a quote for delivery if required.

  9. Tania Guaran

    Hi could you please give me a price on a 3m cast jointed gate with the round centre.
    our location is Wooragee Vic

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Tania, I’ve emailed you direct.

  10. Emma

    Could you please send me a quote for a pair of 7 foot gates. We are located in Teesdale VIC 3328.

    1. admin

      Emma I’ve emailed you direct. If anyone else would like a quote please use the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page or email direct. Contact info is also in the footer below.

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