A commonly asked for gate is one which will “keep my dog in” and one that “my toddler can’t climb”. Traditional farm gates come with either farm mesh which provides a foothold for toddlers or horizontal bars which dogs can get through, so what do you do when you need to contain both toddlers and small dogs but don’t want to add mesh to your gate? We found a solution for both, while still offering an attractive country gate or farm gate style.

Dog and toddler proof farm gate

It seems that the majority of people who have dogs that need containing seem to own small inquisitive dogs like Jack Russell Terriers (or should that be spelt ‘Terrors’). These little guys can squeeze through some pretty small gaps so it’s important to make sure the spacing of bars is close enough to contain them. Mesh works but looks pretty ugly especially if added on as an after-thought on the back of a lovely looking country style gate. Toddlers on the other hand love to climb things that have little footholds … like farm mesh. We occasionally do fairs and oddly enough it’s the mesh gates that toddlers are attracted to and climb. One would think that the ladder like rungs of the bar gates would be more appealing but apparently not, maybe they’re too slippery.

Our solution of including vertical bars means that your todder can’t get a foothold. The middle bar is 600mm above the bottom bar, which is higher than most toddlers can lift their little feet, and even higher when you consider that the gate is elevated about 5-10cm above the ground. The bar spacing can be adjusted to suit the smallest of dogs without obscuring your view through the gate.

The customer of this gate was really happy with how her gates, and side panel turned out, so I thought I’d share what she wrote to us:

Our gates are absolutely gorgeous – thank you! They’ve turned out exactly as we had imagined them (if not better) and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Thanks again for all your help in developing the design, and for the outstanding workmanship of the end product – we’ll be referring people your way without hesitation.


4 thoughts on “Dog & child proof farm gates

  1. Gavan Prendergast

    We are interested in a center join gates, like the picture of your Dog & child proof farm gates.

    The distance between the inside of our posts is about 3230 mm. Based on the distance we need two swinging gates that join in the middle. The height we would like is about 1200 mm, which looks like the height of your child proof gate. We also want to keep our dog in. What is the space between the verticals in the 600 mm high section?

    We would like a gate that looks rusted, so unfinished steel is fine.

    What is the cost?


    1. Farmweld Post author

      Hi Gavan, I’ve sent you an email direct. I need to know where you’re located so I can factor in any freight or apply pick up discounts. I also need to know the smallest gap your dog can get through if smaller than 10cm. Bar spacing will differ from gate to gate as we custom make each one and the bar spacing is even throughout. You are correct in that the height is 1.2m from top to bottom bar.

  2. Kaili

    I live in NSW – near Parramatta. I’d like a rough idea of the cost of a fence like this – about 3.1m across. Could you provide a quote?

    Thank you, Kaili

    1. Farmweld Post author

      Kali, I’ve sent you an email as I need more information.

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