Christmas/New Years Closure

Our office and workshop will be closed for our annual Christmas break, from Friday 15th December and reopening on Monday January 7th, 2019.

Email enquiries will be attended to on our return.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to working with you in 2019.


Maladies, Monsters and Mayhem!

Thank you Farmweld's customers

We’ve been sitting here wondering how to write this particular post. The last few months have been challenging, and we’re wading our way through a backlog of quotes and work that has built up. Earlier this year Tricia’s health relapsed, then just as the busiest Spring to date hit, we found ourselves dealing with a stalker who

‘Eleanor’ Heritage Farm Gate in Yarramalong, NSW

Eleanor steel driveway farm gate made by Farmweld is hinged to large heavy posts. Post and rail fences look great with Farmweld's heritage country style gates

It was time to replace a old ‘bodgy’ fitting gate with something that would complement and grace the entrance to this lovely country property. Alternative access to an adjoining paddock was also needed, so a smaller, matching gate was the answer. Clients are quite often worried that gates won’t fit, especially when ordering from interstate. However so long as we know the distance between your posts, ie the gap, your gate will be made to fit perfectly. The customers were rapt with the outcome and this is what they had to say…

The Unconventional Guide to Garden Arches

picture of fat lady in small underwear next to garden arch

Don’t try to tailor your plant to any old support structure. Tailor your support to your plant and really show off those assets. Remember, no big lady looked good in an undersized garment! Many people start by looking for a garden arch, arbour or trellis feature and then look for any old plant to grow over it. It seems to be the ‘conventional’ way of doing things! However, why not try the unconventional way and break the mould?

How to Light up your Garden with Class

three tier wrought iron chandelier

Sonia purchased a two tier wrought iron chandelier a while ago. Her needs changed and she needed something bigger with more impact. It needed to match the original one. The result was a three tier, 15 cup version …

“I was wanting to renovate my outdoor entertainment area lighting and looking for something unusual which provided a wow factor. After a

Turnaround times – Oct 2015

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Date: January 19, 2015

Due to a huge number of orders the workshop is fully booked till Xmas when we will be taking a 1 month  break. Oct/Nov/Dec orders will be ready early 2016.

Daylesford Heritage Gate

Daylesford gate

Quite often we’re asked if we can replicate an old heritage gate that someone’s seen and fallen in love with. The usual scenario is that you’ve got an older property which has lost the original gates but you haven’t been able to buy an old gate from anywhere. You really need something ‘old’ to suit. The one gate we’ve been asked about the most is the one shown in the Vic Tourism ad for Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. This gate graces the driveway entrance to the historic Wombat Park Homestead with it’s magnificent gardens.

A hole in the OH&S manual?

It’s a no brainer that workshops are generally not the safest of places and OH&S principles need to be taken seriously. However sometimes there are things which simply can’t be pre-empted, like visiting wildlife! Working in the country certainly has some quirky moments and Graham was close to having his yearly quota in a short span of a week.

Farm memorabilia steel sculpture

metal garden sculpture Adelaide Hills

Every so often a project comes along which is kind of special. Special not just because it’s going to be something unique and beautiful, but because it holds a huge amount of sentiment for the client, and for us. This metal sculpture was one of those projects. Something that evokes memories in so many ways.