Fire pits have been around for centuries in other cultures and are the latest ‘must have’ with garden lovers and landscape designers in Australia.  Farmweld released two wrought iron firepit designs at the Stirling Autumn Garden Festival in the Adelaide Hills. Available in three fire bowl sizes – large 1.2m, medium 900mm and small 750mm they come with beautiful heavy, hand forged wrought iron stands which adorn the cast iron bowls turning the rather ordinary fire bowls into a feature. Come summer, the fire pit can double as an ornamental cast iron planter. Australians love the outdoors, spring is here but evenings can still be quite cool. Now there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy the cooler months with a little bit of outdoor heating which looks stylish as well as being functional.

Mid sized fire bowl

Fire bowl with hand forged wrought iron stand. Mid sized bowl (900mm) pictured.

Why buy a fire pit from Farmweld?

Fire pit with fire grate

Medium sized fire pit with hand forged solid wrought iron base. Pictured with optional fire grate.

Do I need a Fire Grate in a fire pit?

We have often been asked to make fire grates for people who already own fire bowls as they’ve found that their fires don’t burn terribly well. Few fire pits is any, sold in Adelaide come with a fire grate. For a really efficient fire with plenty of heat and less smoke you need the air to circulate around the fire or it just won’t burn very well. The last thing you want is to smoke out your guests at a gathering or party. Farmweld offer an optional heavy fire grate that will keep your fire burning brightly and keep the hot coals off the bottom of the bowl, lessening heat lost downwards, and helping to preserve the cast iron bowl.

TIP:  To deflect the heat up where you want it, add about 3″ / 8cm of sand in the bottom of the fire bowl.

Solid construction

The base is made from solid steel, and the bowl from cast iron. We’re told that the bowls were originally designed for cooking rice for the Vietnamese army!

Locally made in South Australia

Although the bowls are imported from overseas (there are no large metal spinners left in South Australia), the bases are all made by Andrew Hood, our blacksmith in our Adelaide Hills workshop. The workmanship on all items made by Farmweld is guaranteed. Andrew takes great pride in his work, so if there are any faults (which there shouldn’t be) just bring your fire pit back to our workshop at Birdwood, SA and we’ll repair it for you at no charge.

Won’t the fire pit be in the way in summer?

Most fire pits remain unused during summer and can end up being in the way and at times, an eyesore. Use this time of the year to clean out your wrought iron fire pit. Then fill it with some potted annuals, adding colour to your outdoor entertaining area.

Fire pit with low base and solid steel ball feet.

Small fire bowl (750mm), ball feet stand. Also available 900mm and 1200mm cast iron bowls.

Hint:  find a large round platter/tray at a $2 store and place in the bottom of the bowl. The tray will help elevate your pots to the rim level of the bowl. Put your pot plants on top and you’ve got a pot plant water tray.

Fire pit designs

Farmweld currently has two designs available – as pictured above a taller wrought iron base, or a low base with solid ball feet. All items are custom made for every client so it’s easy enough to make something unique if that’s what you want. Talk to us today to see how we can help you.


  • Cast iron fire bowl – three sizes 1.2m, 900mm, 750mm
  • Hand forged wrought iron bases
  • Custom made
  • Solid steel
  • Optional heavy solid steel fire grate
  • Workmanship guaranteed
  • Accessories – our blacksmith can forge pokers, tongs, fire grates, etc. We can make you a BBQ plate if you want!

Price Guide:

(At August 2013)

Medium 900mm fire bowl & stand $950

Medium fire bowl, wrought iron base and heavy fire grate $1250


For more information about Fire and Hearth Accessories CLICK HERE

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  1. Anna Kwan

    Hi Andrew, I live in Darwin and am interested in buying a small fire pit. How do I arrange this with you?



    1. admin

      Hi Anna, thanks for leaving your comment. We’ve sent you an email. All enquiries should be directed to us via phone, the contact form (on the contact us page) or via email.

  2. Ian Aitken

    I live in Adelaide, can we visit Andrew Hood or a showroom to view your various fire pits & talk to someone about features and benifits, etc.

    1. admin

      Hi Ian, I’ve sent you an email with Andrew’s phone number. We’re happy to meet with you, by appointment.

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